Monday, November 20, 2023

Naomi Watts' King Kong Close-Ups

Naomi Watts, first-billed in the Peter Jackson-directed King Kong (2005), must carry the film with relatively little dialogue. No surprise, then, that Jackson uses many close-up shots to capture the full range of Watts' emotive abilities. I thought it might be interesting to show a frame or two from each of these close-ups side-by-side to showcase her performance, which is my favorite thing about this remake.

I initially thought to do so here, as one long photo-heavy blog post, but after screencapping several hundred frames, I decided it may be more practical to issue one image per day on a platform better suited to that type of presentation (or at least one that has previously gotten me more action than Blogger). Below, therefore, are links to the Instagram and Twitter accounts I've created for this purpose. (Some posts contain more than one frame from the same shot. On Twitter these are visible all at once, on Instagram, swipe left.)

One note: My definition of "close-up" is a little flexible, both out of necessity, because pinning down the boundary between certain framings is not an exact science, and personal choice, as there are some frames I like too much to omit. In any case, I'm confident that all genuine close-ups will be included, along with a fair number of medium close-ups, and maybe a medium shot or two as well.

Twitter: @kingkongcloseup

Instagram: @naomiwattskingkongcloseups


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