Wednesday, September 6, 2023

King Kong (1976)

I love this movie. Love love love love love this movie. Love the cast -- Lange, Bridges, and Grodin, of course, but also John Randolph, Rene Auberjonois, and Ed Lauter. Love John Barry's great score, love the sound stage exteriors, Rick Baker giving it his all in an ape suit. Love the way it's funny, it's fun, it's silly but not stupid. Did I mention Jessica Lange? Or Jeff Bridges' long hair? I love the colossal failure of the 40-foot mechanical Kong. I love when Jack says "The rest of that log entry unfortunately was suppressed by the Holy Office in Rome." I love that it's a monument to the Twin Towers, and I love the choreography of the huge crowd scene at the end. Despite what's good in Peter Jackson's version, this is the remake I watch over and over again. Here's to the big one!